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Our Program

In our supportive environment, every opportunity will be used for the child to:

  • develop self-control

  • develop a positive feeling about him/herself

  • develop all aspects of his/her personality

  • develop small and large muscles

  • develop and use new language skills

  • learn to share and get along with others

  • think of him/herself as a capable individual

  • understand his/her body, feed and care for him/herself

These objectives will be achieved through a balanced day of activity, rest, nourishment and involvement in the following:


  • language, math and science  experiences, social studies, projects and public speaking

  • music and movement

  • field trips and special visitors

  • sand and water

  • dramatic play

  • food experiences

  • indoor/outdoor play

  • block play

  • exercise

Food and Snacks


The Center provides breakfast 7:30am to 8:00am midday snack and afternoon' snack daily.

Your child will participate in the meal if he/she is present at the time of service. All meals and snacks are nutritious and meet the government's minimum nutritional meal pattern requirements. If lunch is not provided, a substitute lunch will be given consisting generally a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a fruit and drink.


A charge of $5.00 will be added to tuition each time after the first substitution. Menus are posted in each classroom for your information. Please inform the staff if your child has any known food allergy or dietary restriction. Dietary and allergy restrictions must be verified by a physician's letter. If the child has a milk allergy, parents must provide a milk substitute or we will substitute with water. Soft drinks, chips and candy are not.


Daily Program

Infant – 6 weeks to School-age
Toddler – 13 – 24 months 
Preschool – 2- 5 years 

School Age - 6 - 13 years

Our daily program is based on goals, objectives and activities aimed at providing a fun, enriching environment that will facilitate positive development of all children enrolled. Every child's group area is supervised at all times by experienced, degree/certified and credentialed staff.

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